We are a leading supplier of industrial and hydraulic high and low pressure hoses and have a wide variety of specialist hose assemblies and complimentary products to meet a diverse range of requirements within the oil and gas industry in Africa and beyond. Our hoses are made from standard exotic materials assuring our Clients of getting the best value for money.

Our production department is structured into two departments that focuses on standard bolting to international specification and customized bolting using customers drawings in ASTM A 193/A320 and A 194 grades. We manufacture the following types of products

We offer a complete range of Rubber hydraulic hoses & Thermoplastic hydraulic hose assemblies and crimp / re-usable style fittings. Our production capacity ranges from ¼” ID up to 2” stainless steel braided hoses or multi-spiral reinforcement layers with a variety of covers to protect from environmental conditions such as weather, ozone, abrasion, temperature and chemicals. All hydraulic hoses are high pressure, high collapse resistant and meet EN, ISO and SAE standards as required. Various End Connector configurations and Thread Forms are also available.

Sizes 1/4” to 2” (6mm to 50mm)
Applications Hydraulic Fluids, Air, Chemicals, Oil, Steam, Water, Glycol, Grease, Lubricants
Pressures Up to 10,000 psi
Standards SAE 100R1, R2, R3, R6, R7, R8, R9, R12, R13, R15, R16, R17 EN 853 / 854 / 856 / 857 / 858ISO 1436-1, 11237-1, 3862-1, 18752, 2398, 5774, 6224
General Rubber or Thermoplastic with reinforcements available in wire braid, wire spiral or textile.  Waterblast hose also available.
Hose Ends & Ferrules Stainless or Carbon Steel

These are used for the transfer of granules, barytes, diesel fuel, drill water, potable water, powder, cement, lime and sand, oil and oil based mud. These dry bulk materials are conveyed through the hose with the use of compressed air or no pressure (gravity drop). Widely used in warehouses, silos, cement mills, mines, power plants, steel mills, plants manufacturing insulating materials. Commonly used in road and rail transport for loading/unloading operations (cement trucks, feed trucks, flour trucks).
We have them available from 2” upwards bulk hoses, also called bunkering hoses. Bulk hose assemblies for offshore use are designed & manufactured in line with ISO standards, are Lloyds type approved and are colour coded with high visibility ends in line with UKOOA guidelines.

Sizes 2” to 8” (50mm to 203mm)
Applications Barytes, Cement, Chemicals, Diesel, Drill Water, Potable Water, Fuel Oil, Liquid Mud, Grout
Pressures Up to 55 bar
Standards ISO 1823, 4641, 8029 DNV type approval
General Rubber Tube and cover with reinforcements: Options available are Synthetic Cord & Copper Wire or Synthetic Cord & an embedded Helix Wire & Copper Wires.
Hose Ends & Ferrules Carbon Steel, as standard.  Stainless Steel available on request.

Chemical hoses are intended for liquid chemicals both organic and inorganic (acids and bases, salt solutions, hydrocarbons, paints and varnishes, solvents etc.) They are used for the transfer of chemicals in chemical processing, transfer and loading / unloading of liquid chemicals (e.g. tank trucks, rail tankers, IBC tankers) for diverse technological processes in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical industry for numerous other industrial processes but also in laboratories. The inner hose layer must be sufficiently resistant to chemical corrosion.

We have an extensive range of these hoses available from 1/8’’ up to 12’’ and meet BS and / or ISO standards. Specifically designed hose ends are available for Offshore Tote Tank applications eliminating or minimizing HSE risks. Our extensive range of chemical hoses is suitable for 98% of existing chemicals. Our hose assemblies are designed to withstand the rigors of the oil & gas environment.

Sizes 1/8” to 12” (3mm to 305mm)
Applications Chemicals
Pressures Up to 20 bar
Standards EN12115 ISO 3394, 4023, 6134 BS6391
General PVC, Composite & Rubber hoses with reinforcements available in high strength Synthetic Fibres with Copper Wires embedded in hose body.
Hose Ends & Ferrules Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel

We offer a wide range of metallic hose options in PTFE or SS Flexible Corrugated to suit a variety of applications. They are used in a wide range of applications, in particular gas supply, transfer of steam, food stuffs, chemicals and hot liquids. These hoses are specified due to their increased performance characteristics including temperature, physical strength, corrosion resistance, service life and resistance to external damage. Size range is from ¼” to 8”.

Sizes 1/4” to 8” (6mm to 203mm)
Applications Gas, Steam, Food stuffs, Chemicals, Hot Liquids.
Pressures Up to 70 bar
Standards Llyods Register & U.S. Coastguard Approved SAE 100R14 BS6501 BS EN 16643 ISO1380
General Stainless Steel or PTFE covered hose.  Reinforcements available in Teflon impregnated fibreglass or Polypropylene coated Carbon Steel.
Hose Ends & Ferrules Stainless Steel
Brand Names B-Flex, C-Flex

We supply a range of utility hoses for the onshore and offshore industries including air, nitrogen, utility water, multi-purpose and steam hoses in sizes from 3/8″ to 4″, all of which are designed to withstand the harshest environments. With our color coding system in place coupled with our manufacturing of the Glenlock range of connectors whose unique non-interchangeable feature ensures that utility hoses carrying different media cannot be mistakenly connected together guarantees that HSE risks are eliminated entirely or minimized.

Sizes 3/8” to 4” (9mm to 101mm)
Applications Air, Nitrogen, Utility Water, Steam, Multi-purpose.
Pressures Up to 40 bar
Standards BS 2050 ISO1823 ISO1403
General Reinforcements available are Textile, Synthetic Fibre and Wire Cord.
Hose Ends & Ferrules Stainless & Carbon Steel

Our fittings range provides the ideal solution to all your connector requirements. Our manufacturing capability extends to tailored solutions to specific customer requirements. This includes specialist items manufactured to order as well as quick turnaround productions of small batch non-standard items.

Description Type Brand Name / Manufacturer
Hose Ends / Ferrules Carbon Steel Stainless Steel Parker Eaton Manuli Hydrasun Manufacturing Divison (HMD)
Air / Water Hose  Couplings,  Joiners & Clamps Q Claw Safeloc Universal Air King Chicago Type Lindy Crowsfoot Jaymac Bauer Ludecke Jaymac Bauer Dixon
Steam Hose Couplings & Clamps Boss Safety Boss
Quick Connect / Disconnect Couplings Cam & Groove / Camlock Quick Action         Hammer Lug Unions Dry Break Couplings Marine Breakaway Couplings Full Bore Breakaway Couplings   Ecocam / Snaplock / Saflock - Action Sealtite Dixon Snaptite Parker Walther CEJN MacDonald (Hydrasun Manufacturing Division) Glenlock (Hydrasun Manufacturing Division) Hydrasafe (Hydrasun Manufacturing Division) Anson FMC WECO QS KLAW KLAW KLAW
Adaptors 10,000 psi Adaptors Low Pressure Adaptors Autoclave Adaptors Hydrasun Manufacturing Division (HMD) Hydrasun Manufacturing Divison (HMD) Parker Hydrasun Manufacturing Division (HMD) Parker
Flanges / Hubs Slip On Weld Neck Blind Screwed Socket Weld Raised Faced Flat Faced Ring Type Joint John Bell Pipeline Special Piping Components

Specialist hose Solutions

We provide a wide range of specialist hose assemblies along with complimentary products to the oil and gas industry. Below are some of our specialist hose requirements.

Our production department is structured into two departments that focuses on standard bolting to international specification and customized bolting using customers drawings in ASTM A 193/A320 and A 194 grades. We manufacture the following types of products

With the general downturn within the Oil & gas industry where companies are looking at reducing costs whiles achieving maximum productivity at the same time, Rigworld Hydrasun’s network partner has developed the Interventor a load bearing flexible hose solution for subsea applications. This provides our clients with the best value for money whiles maintaining and increasing their productivity levels.

Interventor comes with a range of end termination and ancillary product options including an innovative cardanic joint providing important spooling, weight and space saving advantages.


Key features & benefits

  • Lightweight flexible conduit
  • Load bearing
  • Low minimum bending radius
  • No metallic reinforcing components -  reducing corrosion risk
  • Cardanic flexible joint
  • Turnkey system solution including hose and complementary equipment eg reelers, chutes, HPUs
  • Transportable by air
  • Rapid deployment
  • Minimum crane support required
  • Reduced vessel and equipment requirements
  • Less deck space required
  • No corrosion issues associated with traditional methods
  • Higher utilisation during campaigns and longer service life
  • Wider vessel options
  • Reduced equipment spread
  • Lower labour costs
  • No specialised crew required
  • Multipurpose system
  • Enhances production performance
  • Reduced environmental impact within an emergency response situation.

As drilling operation methods evolve, become deeper, with increasing pressure and higher temperatures, we can provide a range of drilling and cementing hose solutions to meet these challenging conditions. Our key offering includes rotary drilling / vibrator hose grade D and E, choke and kill, cement and sour hoses. Our range supports the pumping of mud at very high pressure during drilling and exploration campaigns.

With our specialist hose solutions, this gives our clients the ability to meet the stringent specifications for Blowout Preventer (BOP) and well control for subsea and topside applications. With both solutions, we can provide a complete product supply & manpower installation package with containerized workshops for on-site testing & flushing efficiencies.

Topside Application - Firemaster 16D

Our Firemaster 16D hydraulic hose system is firesafe and designed to address the strict specifications required for blow out prevention and well control on topside applications.



High Pressure Subsea BOP Hoses (2390N)

We have the ability to supply a range of 2390N hoses which are designed for safety, versatility and efficiency matching the tough requirements of the oil and gas industry.

More than just products

We offer more than just products and provide assembly, installation, maintenance and repair services to ensure a longer product lifespan and reduce our customer’s total cost of ownership. We partner with and provide quality and reliable products from reputable manufacturers.

Our production department is structured into two departments that focuses on standard bolting to international specification and customized bolting using customers drawings in ASTM A 193/A320 and A 194 grades. We manufacture the following types of products